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Stop, Stop now, go back to step 3 in the process and start again.

What I see wrong with your proposal to date, you think it’s a great software package, you think it’s unique, you think other business’s will want the package. The problem I see to date is it’s all you.

Before you spend any dollars (thats the hard earned stuff), go and find out if anyone else besides you, your cat, your mother in law, etc, thinks it’s any good.

There are so many app’s out there that the developer thought everyone wanted, needed, would fall in love with, but no one wants them.

I remember a few people who have come on here saying I have spent Mega dollars developing this app that I think the world needs, but no one wants it. Well had they done some research upfront they would have saved a few Mega dollars.

Step 1 is to go and do some market research, and talk to other business’s that you think will buy your product, and I don’t mean Fred down the road, who you have coffee with every Friday.

Research, Research, Research.

Happy weekend