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Dave Gillen – Former FS Concierge
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brownbag, post: 267915, member: 112769 wrote:
Do we :
1. approach other similar businesses similar to my wife’s who have a need for this software, and possibly burn them if the proposal or the marketing is not ready and even give them ideas to get something similar built.
2. Do we partner with an organisation that can take this proven concept and already developed software to the next level before we go to market.

Option 1.
But there’s no need to burn them. Be honest that you’re just starting to roll it out. Their feedback is more valuable initially than sales. If you start a relationship, you can come back to them when you’ve improved the product/pricing/offer/etc.

This process is going to help you do option 2 if you ever hit a plateau in sales or need help scaling an already successful product. You’ll have identified the best clients. Figured out how to make implementation easier. Be able to share success stories. Calculated $$ savings. Etc.

AirBnB (for example) started out by visiting hosts apartments individually to get them set up. In doing so they learnt what the concerns or difficulties were with adopting their service (and learnt how to sell it). Had they outsourced their marketing, they never would have understood their customers so well (or known how to improve their product).

Good luck!