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Hi Blueedge,
Thank you so much for your reply.
Your advice is very helpful!

You mentioned a specialist printer.
Could you recommend one by name?
All the ones I’ve looked at in Australia are too expensive, and overseas printers – I’m wary about the quality, but also the time delay in mail.

Also, which companies do you use for envelopes?

I’ve been progressing in my discovery of the truths you shared.
For example, I bought a $50 guillotine today from Officeworks and was completely frustrated by it.
I’m convinced it cuts in a slightly curved line.

So I’ll look into the electronic ones available on Amazon or perhaps figure out how not to need one.

I’m going to go with the 130x180mm or 5×7 because that suits my artwork best. A6 just seems too small.
And I just want one size of envelope to keep things simple.

Today I had the brilliant idea of looking into wholesale suppliers, as I’m eligible for the lower prices, being a business and all.
So I’m going to order a small quantity of 325gsm semi-gloss paper and give it a trial.
My printer had no trouble with 300gsm but the matt paper gave rather dull results.
And with all the ink on it, even 300gsm seemed a bit floppy for a 5×7 card so I’d like to try thicker, even up to 350gsm.

How thick are 5×7 cards, usually?
Most of the ones I see in the store feel very thick and sturdy but I’m not sure if they are coated with some material to make them stronger.

I appreciate your helpful advice!