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I use https://www.minutemanpress.com.au/print-shop/salisbury-south/#16/-34.7836/138.6479 for all my printing, they are ver professional and helpful plus being local to me helps. You will need print ready art work which I’m assuming you already have.
We sell the Card envelopes for the 5″ x 7″ cards so that’s an easy one :) We sell to a lot of business now more than home card makers which is a nice way to go. The business I deal with would want an order of over 20,000 for good pricing which is what I also found with overseas suppliers.

With the coating on cards, you might consider using a gloss card like 250gsm which does have a gloss coating on it. It’s matt on the inside so great for card making as you can add verses etc.

One thing I have noticed is the our customers like the fact that we try to keep a lot of our products Australian made, so you might like that as a way to help sales.

Another thing I was thinking about for you is to get actual photos or artwork printed as photos, that is very cheap and you can simply attach them to your cards. For that, the Card size 130x180mm is perfect. A lot of our customers do this. You can use double sided tape or photo corners to attach them so that’s pretty easy. We also do a slightly bigger card which is called P for Photographic and these are selling well too.

You might also like to think about postage when selling, larger cards cost more to post which is sometimes a concern for customers. It’s not a problem if you’re handing a card to someone or if you’re sending it overseas but for post within Australia it can cost more than standard postage.