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James Millar
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mg_spotx, post: 268727, member: 104003 wrote:
I actually logged on today to ask about this very issue. It’s becoming increasingly frustrating, as business is growing, and I’m sending out more quotes, that we just don’t hear anything back. I make a point to reply to every quote I receive, they take time to prepare! But I can’t even get feedback on whether there is a price/product fit/lead time issue. I’m not even sure if chasing up these leads is worthwhile anymore, if they want the product, they know where to find us(??!!!)

Any recommendations on how best to deal with the silence following a quote? I don’t want to harass potential clients, but at the same time, I’d like to get some value (ie feedback) from the time it takes us to generate a quote.


Are there any reasons you can think of as to why this happens? Is there a common theme amongst those that disappear?

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