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PSD, post: 268014, member: 116597 wrote:
Hi all,.

My business turnover (and only income) is very low. I won’t need to register for GST, and I’ll actually be operating at a loss for some time, and can’t yet afford to out-source anything or anybody. But know I need to keep better track of my expenses, COGS, income, and inventory, and my own Excel Spreadsheets

Many Thanks :)


Firstly welcome :) and congratulations on starting.

For accounting, I have tried most of them and I settled on Quickbooks online, it’s really easy to use for a non accountant type person like me (I hate book keeping :(). They have a lite version for $7 a month for 3 months and then $10 AUD.

OR you can try some free software like the ones below – warning, not all do BAS and some you have to set up Aust taxes.


Manager has BAS and Aust tax tables (NOTE: only the desktop version is free)


This one is Aust based, but not very easy to use.


Wave is a good one, BUT it is US based, so you have to setup for Australia, but it offer bank feeds on the free level, which makes life really easy..

Like I said I tried heaps of them at the beginning and I settled on QB as I needed a higher level that support multiple companies with the same login and payroll.

Do some trial and have a play around, set aside some time to test them and find the one for you.

Of course, I usually always say speak to an accountant, my accountant has been with me for 20 years (I hope he never retires LOL) he has been through the ups and downs with me, and I simply call him if I have a question. (he doesn’t charge me for my silly questions)

Best of luck, and as I said, do some trials, find one that suits your needs and budget.

Mischelle :):)