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CBFY, post: 268037, member: 116601 wrote:
Quickbooks might be useful for you but I’m not very familiar with this software.

MYOB Essentials may be a good fit but I’ve not used this software in a while and may not suit due to inventory.

Xero starter plan may be sufficient but is quite limited in transactions.

Both MYOB & Xero have ledger plans available to partners which would also be less expensive.

DIscosure: I’m a Myob & Xero partner.

You may be able to get your ABN back-dated to cover off those expenses pre-registering.

I’d recommend using a tax agent, when I’ve treid Mytax, etc I’ve had to pay thousands extra but my tax agent knows some good stuff!

Thanks so much CBFY! :-)

I have a little experience with MYOB Essentials, but as you said, don’t think it will work for my inventory needs. I’ll look in to your other suggested options.

I already have my ABN so may be too late now to back-date it, but I’ll look in to that too.

I guess I may have to speak to an accountant at some time then, just haven’t found a decent one yet, or one who might be interested in taking on someone like me with with such a low level business and income, it may not be worth their while. I’m expecting anyway, especially if I can backdate some of my transitional work expenses, that my income after expenses this first tax year could be in the negative or well under any tax threshold, which is why I thought it might not be worth using an accountant until I start making a profit. But will see how it goes.

Thanks again! :-)