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Adam Dobson
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Hey Matt,

As an Entrepreneur who has developed software and hardware products

My view is don’t worry about the mechanics of the business until you can validate 2 things (Not with friends and family) but people who dont know you:

1- There IS a real demand for the product idea you have
2- People WILL pay for it and how much?

Getting a “Physical” product built and marketed properly is more expensive and harder then a service or software product so you need the 2 questions above answered before you spend a cent building. And i wouldn’t spend a cent on patenting, until you have validated 1 & 2.

There are ways to do it without building the product.
Also FYI Patenting it is only as good as you having the money to defend it legally, often the one with the most money wins.

Happy to chat more and share my experiences if you wanted to.