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Dave Gillen – Former FS Concierge
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hopeandheart, post: 268093, member: 116638 wrote:
Yes – exactly what I want! But I do not know how to find such a person. Can you or anyone help please.
Freelance web designers? Just throw a rock out the window – you’ll hit one :)

Or google “freelance web designer YOUR AREA”, make sure their portfolio has sites you like, and see if they can do one for your budget. $2-3k is a decent budget to work with. You can pay more, but may not get anything extra for your money (and needs). You can pay less, as little as $500-1000, but you’ll need a bit of luck to get the right person at that rate.

Or you can let us know where you live, and you might get a specific recommendation from the forums. You don’t need someone close by necessarily, but if you’re not used to having websites made it can help to be able to sit down with them (or knock on their door when there’s a problem).

Good luck!