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Hi Amy,

It’s possible and there are two ways and I’m assuming you want to keep the current mobile number you’re advertising;

1) find a carrier who will transfer your mobile number and route it like a landline or 13/1300/1800 number through an IVR platform, or

2) Is to simply take on an Inbound service that has IVR capabilities and forward your mobile number to the number they provide you.

The first option is rare, to the point where up until a short time ago, you couldn’t directly terminate a mobile number on anything other than a mobile service, however, the costs and logistics may be prohibitive when compared against the second option.

The second option is simple; we’ve done it for clients before and all we’ve done is provide an Inbound service with the IVR and replace the 13/1300/1800 number with a standard landline number you divert your mobile phone to; this removes the inbound per-minute charge from the solution.

Most, if not all mobile plans these days have unlimited calling, so anything diverted isn’t charged separately for. You’d still pay for any calls that were diverted from the IVR to the consultant.

Both options are achievable – happy to talk them through with you in detail if you’d like.