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Since you don’t have a link to your business in a sig I can’t remember what you do so it is difficult to give advice.
I have never had any success with Instagram and don’t like it at all. I hope you have done some research on your market and customers before you started running ads so they are not a waste of time and money.

Who are your customers and where do they hang out? Where are they likely to look for your service/product?

It takes time but I have found that building reputation first is the key to customer interest and purchasing – getting onto relevant FB groups and giving out lots of advice on your industry and helping people, not trying to sell your stuff. Writing interesting articles for your website and FB page.
If you are selling products then getting out and physically showing them to people at markets and other avenues.

Leave ads until you know your market and customers inside out. Then start with a heap of cheap, test ads to see what people are most interested in looking at. Pay for help if you are unsure.