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James Millar
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Rowan@quaotic, post: 268193, member: 28171 wrote:
Yeah, I used to be idealistic like that, until I settled into a small, retirement town full of elderly, sick people. We have a practically new hospital with no doctors so it is unused, you can rarely get an ambulance, which has to travel an hour to get here if you can get one to come (sometimes from another hospital two hours away, too bad if you are having a heart attack or stroke), ambulances won’t attend non immediately life threatening injuries out of hours so if someone breaks their leg on a Saturday afternoon and can’t find someone to drive them to hospital in a city with a hospital they have to wait till Monday and see if an ambulance is available.
Emails and letters to the local member or the health or shadow health ministers are never replied to.

This is just the health part of our services that our taxes are supposed to go to. Don’t get me started on other ‘services we pay for. Too bad we don’t live in a capital city where we might get the benefits.

These elderly people have always paid their taxes all their lives both privately and through their businesses.

I am not going to feel guilty for the maybe once a year or two I might take a tax free payment from a friend.

Fair enough – I have spent a lot of time in one particular country town in North East Vic and the local hospital does not have emergency facilities. Anyone that needs it has to travel about an hour or be airlifted (lots of motor bike accidents).

The problem is that if everyone takes the approach of skimming then those services will only get worse – so where does that leave us? Everyone agrees that its hard to respect the law when it appears to fail us and when the lawmakers are regularly caught rorting our hard earned taxes. In an extreme case we could take the “every man for themselves” approach and end up closer to the USA model with no safety nets at all. Now thats fine for me because I would probably benefit greatly from lower taxes but there is a significant part of the community that would end up much much worse off. Then you end up with crime and 6x times the rate of incarceration because people will do anything when they are desperate with no home or little food.

I don’t think you should feel guilty at all – the entire system needs a massive overhaul so that small business gets greater short term help. The amount of tax law and change that is spewed out each month is quite ridiculous and probably greater than anywhere else on the planet.

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