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Mischelle, post: 268196, member: 60404 wrote:
Hi and welcome to the forums. :)

Firstly congratulations for starting out and giving it a crack.

To help other posters on these boards give you more specific information, can you give a little more detail on the following:

  • Who are your customers? (You say local distributors, can you give some examples of who you are targeting, are you approaching bulk builders directly as well?)
  • Are your product high quality at high price, or normal quality at a lower price? (This will help you understand who to target)
  • Why should they buy off you rather than the people they already buy off? This is a key question, because if they already have a supply chain in place and they are happy with them, it’s harder to crack into, so know the answer :).
  • What is your sales plan? Are you converting a customer to your comparable product, or are your products better and you are trying to convince them to buy better more expensive products.
  • Are you products NCBP or NCP? If they are conforming and complying, which of the six different types of substantiation or evidence do you have for them to verify as per the NCC?

See where I am going, all of these questions help build your case, and helps you with content and planning for your marketing :)

Cold emailing is a total waste of your time, they can just delete it and even block your email, only email pre-qualified people who have opted in via your website etc, otherwise they will just treat it as spam.

How much work have you put into your website
? This will be checked by anyone you contact and searchable on Google.

Tenders – are you considering tendering directly, or just being a wholesaler? There are currently 312 open tenders for building products and materials on Australian Tenders (this is just an example of another option). Out of those tender there might be 1 or 2 suited to your products.

Are you planning on attending any trade shows (IE Sydney Build in March?) You don’t have to be an exhibitor at this time, as that’s expensive. Maybe even a local one in your area. But it can help you build your network, but NOTE, this is very important – unless you are an exhibitor, do not try to sell your products, attend, talk to people, general trade chat only, attend a luncheon (well worth the money for lunch).

How is your network? There are many groups on LinkedIn for Building Materials, how many are you a member of and do you contribute to their conversations? (EXAMPLE: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/109215/)

There are some start points for you.

Mischelle :)

Hi Mischelle,

Thank you very much for your helpful reply.:) Please find more details of our business below.

  • Our target customers are the local wholesalers and retailers. We haven’t contacted bulk builders.
  • Our products are of normal quality at a low price.
  • We are currently acting as the agent of a Global-500 company in Australia, so our strength is the good quality at a competitive price.
  • We tend to convert customers to our products.
  • Some of our products need to conform to relevant standards, such as PVC pipes and cement. We can provide reports issued by registered testing authority.

Thanks again for your advice. I am going to start with expanding my network first.