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You will get a lot of people say there is no future for a small suburban shops because everyone thinks online is the way to go, which may be true for some business’s, But there are a lot of small suburban shops which are still going gang busters. 5 years ago everyone was talking about doom for book shops (selling real books), had you listened to all the negative nancy’s back then, you would have just given up, but today book shops are booming, because people realised that they want to hold and feel something tangible.

There is no point asking here what is suggested, because [USER=78928]@Paul – FS Concierge[/USER] has made some suggestions, but obviously outside your skill or interest range. Really does anyone want to run a pizza shop or fish and chips, I have spoken to a couple of owners and they are only in it because they bought themselves a job, some would say that about what I do, but I had lifestyle reasons for doing it.

You need to look at your abilities and interests and look at if that will fit in a small suburban shop environment, by doing your research, I could suggest 50 different shops that may be suitable, but no point as they are not in your zone.

Do you think your focus is suitable for a suburban shop, has it ever being, are there other suburban shops around doing what you want to do? These are questions that only you can answer because you have an in-depth knowledge of your strengths and weakness’s