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bb1, post: 268241, member: 53375 wrote:
If you believe that you can’t make a go of it if you went full time, give it up and stick to your day job, obviously the business is not viable.

This statement in itself says you are not up to running a business ”clients expectations of time for there job to be done is the same as a full time business”, why would you expect that clients wouldn’t have expectations. This just tells me you are not cut out to run a business.

Good luck

the business is plenty viable , turned over 50k last year just part time , i think either i didn’t write it right or you took it wrong , i understand my clients have expectations (ive had a number of good businesses before) what i was more pointing out is they are the same as if i was full time , i think daves comment has a lot of merit , but thanks for taking the time to comment