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eightknots, post: 268238, member: 116784 wrote:
Hi all , I have been for the last year running my marine trimming business as well as working full time , the issue im now facing is time , clients expectations of time for there job to be done is the same as a full time business and i only have a few hours some nights and weekends . To be honest by the end of last year i was burnt out from working 2 jobs and 6 – 7 days a week , but financially i cant quite make it full time , although having the extra time would help achieve that end , catch 22 .

anyone else been through this and ways to work though it

It is always scary doing the full-time jump, many of us have jumped, and it went smoothly or crashed in a pile, dusted themselves off and jumped again :).

So your choice is:

  • Take the leap, and work the extra time to gain new customers and make it so you get a full time wage from your business, OR
  • Stay where you are and just keep the business as a part time gig and reduce the clients so you are not working so much (or as Dave suggested have a priority Fee – but be careful as this can cause customers to go somewhere else with faster lead times without a fee)

I jumped in from a high paid job, to working for myself full-time on a tiny, tiny wage.

It was very hard, I trimmed back on everything in my life, lived on the essentials only, but it paid off in the end and I LOVE working for myself

Only you can say if you can push yourself on reduced income while you gain more clients.

Either way you choose, all the best.
Mischelle :):)