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Rowan@quaotic, post: 268261, member: 28171 wrote:
Please take what I am going to say in the manner it is intended, I am trying to be helpful.

Thank you for your input and trying to help me out. I appreciate it.

Rowan@quaotic, post: 268261, member: 28171 wrote:
I am guessing by your site that you are dropshipping, and don’t have an actual walk-in store? The reason I am saying this is because much of the advertising blurb on your products is misleading or just plain wrong. It seems to be written by people you are just trying to sell the product but don’t have actual experience as disabled people using the products.

Yes, you are correct, my business is based on the dropshipping model, and my goal with most product listings is to make them optimised for conversions, through copywriting, and various techniques taught in dropshipping courses.

Would you mind giving me an example of which product listing is misleading and how you would rewrite it?

Rowan@quaotic, post: 268261, member: 28171 wrote:
Disability/mobility products are not like a toy or drone (for example) where someone who has never heard of the product just wants to buy it and doesn’t know a lot about the specs or the product. You are selling to people who have used these products probably for years and know all about them, though maybe not the particular brand or modern version. They may be just looking for upgrades, replacements or parts.
You have to come across as someone who cares about the person and knows personally how the products help and hinder.

Definitely agree with you that Mobility Products are not toys, and that many customers have experience with these products, but I also believe there is a lot of customers at the top of the funnel that don’t know much about these products, and need some guidance with their purchasing decision.

What can I do on my online store to come across as someone that cares more about the person? All of my customers that I have had the pleasure to deal with love the customer service I’ve offered, and feel I care more about them than some of the other physical businesses that didn’t get back to them for two weeks

Rowan@quaotic, post: 268261, member: 28171 wrote:
I moved in with my parents 20 years ago because they are elderly and not able to look after themselves well, and my father has been in a wheelchair/mobility scooter for 35 years.
I am currently in the market for a new bidet as my father cannot wash/wipe himself and the one we have has just wore out and the buttons broke. We are sick of the false claims that manufacturers and sellers of these products (nearly all products for elderly and disabled people) offer that are downright misleading and it is a waste of money to buy things that don’t work as expected from those claims.

I am sorry to hear about your experiences with false claims from manufacturers and hope that not all Elderly/Disabled products are misleading.

Personally, I do rely on product information, and specs from the suppliers to market their products, but if I find out a product is no good, I would remove it from my listing straight away.

Rowan@quaotic, post: 268261, member: 28171 wrote:
If you had real, personal experience and it came across in your website you would be far ahead of other sellers. I understand that you can’t if you don’t hold the stock but I would suggest that you make yourself friendly with local elderly organsiations or get some disabled friends and ask and learn about their experiences.

Really great advice Rowan and thank you for mentioning this! My experience at the moment is limited to customers enquiring at the Pharmacies I work, and from customers that have purchased from my online store. Definitely would like to have my own warehouse, hold physical inventory and import my own range of mobility aids in the future.