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bb1, post: 268290, member: 53375 wrote:
This statement directly is opposite to your claim, like a few of your claims on your website. ”What sets us apart from the rest? Large generic retailers lack the specialized knowledge to answer specific questions on assembly warranty and product benefits and features. We know our Mobility Aids inside and out so we can give you the details and knowledgeable answers to any of the questions that you might have.”

Thanks for pointing this out Bert. I guess this statement was a bit misleading. We don’t know all of our products inside out. But we definitely have a more in-depth knowledge of many of our products through studying user manuals, and brochures provided by manufacturers in greater depth.

Many of our customers informed us they were really pleased with the customer service we’ve offered, and how we able to answer their questions straight away (unlike one of the other stores they went to that never got back to them for over two weeks.)