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Rowan@quaotic, post: 268258, member: 28171 wrote:
No, it is your problem and you have to pay your employees even if they make mistakes.
If this is happening often as you say then it seems that your procedures and training need working on, or perhaps better employees. Of course you do have the option to turn to contractors but you may still end up having the same problems, and you have less control over procedures. Sometimes a boss has trouble seeing things from an outside or employees point of view and you may be making problems for yourself without realising it, just a thought.

I understand that you are frustrated and it is probably just blowing off steam, but I sincerely hope you don’t treat your employees or business in the manner that you have posted here.

Thanks for your reply. I am definately blowing off steam, I am always nice to my employees and I have never yelled, talked down to, or fire anyone I will have a look at my systems