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James Millar
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bigmem, post: 268276, member: 116829 wrote:
Thanks for the response, sorry ive never really posted anything or been a very social media person. Well my thoughts are, I have around 170k of equity in my home. Now would it make more sense investing the cash in other properties, distribute the deposits over a few, to avoid LMI and have the rent leave you a small amount per month, but enough to service the loan.
So in a nutshell have 5 properties all returning small amounts that equate to 1 property paid in full and the return is roughly the same as the 5 properties combined. Only dofference is having a larger port folio and having capital growth.
Cheers guys

I would first considering eliminating non deductible debt first using an offset account. What you do from there requires a quite a bit of thought and analysis across tax and investment elements and you aren’t going to get that from a forum. I recommend you see your accountant and then possibly a licensed financial adviser (unless you prefer to DIY investments because you are confident you can outperform an adviser).

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