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Oziecom, post: 268392, member: 93591 wrote:
Short answer, no. It would really depend on the brand and their Ts & Cs for resellers. There’s a certain amount of grey here for sure.

No grey at all really, if a consumer is going to sue someone they will sue everyone involved in the life cycle of the product, and as such if you being reseller or not, they will be in the firing line and will require insurance even if to defend themselves to say its the manufacturers fault. All parties involved will be named in any court action.

And that is why I repeatedly tell people don’t take any advise from a forum, because you get people who really don’t know, make comments such as ”If you are simply reselling a product from a major brand, then that manufacturer would be more likely to be liable.”, and when they trust this advise (because a lot of people will trust any advise that saves them money). They cant tell the court that [USER=93591]@Oziecom[/USER] said its ok, the court will just laugh at them.