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u-rippa777, post: 268344, member: 116859 wrote:
Hi Jason

Thanks for getting back to me. It is my goal to provide certification for swim teachers to deliver the u-Rippa program and then provide certification for experienced u-Rippa teachers to level of Instructor to certify u-Rippa teachers. You are suggesting that once a teacher is certified, i can then provide the units to them as an educational tool and expand my insurance to covers them as teachers. It is something worth exploring. I appreciate your input, thank you.

Howdy Mate

No drama, wasnt saying it CAN BE DONE, just trying to think outside the square and reading what you wrote it sounds like one side of your business (coaching) has insurance coverage but not the other… This evoked my thought i guess…

Re the plausibility, dont know enough legal speak/insurance chatter to say with certainty although may be worth asking the questions of your broker etc etc


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