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three brains
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Your layout and design seemed pretty clean, assume that comes with the Go Daddy website builder? A could of thoughts just to build on the above :-

1. Don’t know who your competitors are, but assume you have some. Would be good if you could highlight on that home page what your point of difference is – is it the quality, speed, price, service etc?

2. It’s a bit inconsistent with use of caps and lower case and there’s a few grammar mistakes on the “Our history’ page – missing an apostrophe on “I’ve always had a passion” and the ‘in the beginning’ section, seems like a long sentence with too many commas. Could be broken up more. Doesn’t bother some people, but some might see it as a sign of lack of attention to detail and might not choose you. Don’t know if you write content straight into the site, but sometimes worth writing it in Word first, letting Word check for all typos and grammar and then cut and pasting it in.

3. You don’t have many people pictures on the site. If you don’t want to add your own, there are some copyright free image places like Unsplash.com and Pexel.com you could look at to source images (though the images can be a bit generic) just to add some different context.

4. It’s worth also considering Search Engine Optimisation. Something like Yoast SEO which comes bundled as a WordPress plug-in. Helps a lot with writing. Go Daddy seem to charge $10/month for similar plug-in which seems not good value, but worth remembering you are also writing for search ranking as well as actual customers.

Hope that helps, good luck.