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three brains
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No worries.

On ‘people’, I don’t have the reference to hand, but I’m sure I’ve read evidence that people online tend to ‘react’ better to pictures of faces more than they do of objects – it might have been in the context of Facebook advertising, but I think website viewing would be similar. It creates more of an emotional connection as we’re psychologically ‘trained’ to connect with faces more than objects.

So for your website, having a few people images should make visitors feel more positive about the site and your brand, and more likely to engage. It’s only one small part of what makes people decide to buy but every little bit helps. Hope that helps.

Finding a point of difference where there are already lots of competitors is hard. If you can’t find a unique one, maybe decide which of the competitors has the weakest offer, and think about how you could better what they are offering? Or at least make more noise about it so your target audience associate with you.

Good luck anyway, happy sailing.