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three brains
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Was just doing some work on our business’s point of difference and came across the content below from a marketing training course.

Not sure if it helps or if it’s too marketing-y? Posting for anyone looking at creating a Point of Difference.

The Point of Difference is usually defined as the “benefit” supported by the “reason why” and the “reason to believe”

The “benefit” is what the ‘product’ provides the customer and how they feel about it.

The “reason why” is what helps the customer to understand the benefit (it can be where it comes from, how it’s made, how it works, an ingredient or component that the product or service uses)

The “reason to believe” is what helps people accept the message (it could be evidence, studies, endorsements, or other ‘legitimacy’ builders)

So, for example, this site’s POD could be “Access to the knowledge and support of other small business experts” (benefit) run by those with Australian small business experience (RW) and accessed by 124,745 members (RTB)” (that’s a bit rough around the edges, but close enough to get the idea)