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Hi there

Site looks good and is easy enough to navigate through. Navigation is clear and well laid out.

As others have said content is the biggest issue also lots of blanks pages – https://eightknotsmarine.com.au/motorhomes%2Fcampers

It is worth updating the URLs (highlighted above) to remove the %2F and adding a keyword into the URL eg motorhome-upholstery-brisbane

From SEO point of view site needs a bit of work, what is your main target market? Where is your target market located as there is no mention of this on the site? eg Marine Trimming Brisbane

Build out & optimise service pages, if limited for time & resources then give yourself a goal to do one page per month starting with the services that bring in the most revenue.

Install Google Analytics on your site, otherwise, you don’t know how much website traffic you are getting or where its coming from.

Get listed on Google My Business and add your details so you come up on Google maps


Hope that helps