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three brains
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Understand the desire to have your own business, sure everyone who reads these forums appreciates that.

Couple of things.

1. At the simplest level, you need to be able to do three things for your online business to work. Have something to sell. Have somewhere to sell it. Have some way of managing payments and deliveries.

When setting up our website, we wrote an article giving some basic pointers on how to start working through setting up your own online store (https://three-brains.com/e-commerce/setting-up-an-online-store/). it has a bunch of links you might find helpful for your research. (Note to forum mods : Not spamming our site, more linking to helpful content without reposting it all here.)

FYI, we haven’t done dropshipping but are currently selling through Print on Demand T-Shirts and have run Shopify and Magento stores within existing businesses in the past.

2. You might want to take a step back and work out if dropshipping is the right place to start. If you have Shopify then you are already paying out $29/$79 a month. Then you will have to find suppliers on somewhere like Oberlo or Alieexpress. Then you need to set your site up to manage payments. And then any orders you do generate with your marketing, you will have to do all the customer service yourself if something goes wrong. Oh, and also thinking if kids clothing, you probably want to be covered with all sorts of product liability insurances too. This is why we are not currently dropshipping (!).

If you start with Print on Demand, you can use a WordPress / WooCommerce type set up (much cheaper) for your front-end website and branding and focus on the designs and marketing first. Then POD suppliers like Redbubble and Spreadshirt do all the payments and deliveries for you. You sacrifice some control over margin, but very low up front cost and much simpler model to start with. Once you develop a successful niche / brand, then you’d look to move to something like dropshipping or setting up your own fulfilment model.

3. There’s a lot of conflicting and usually bad advice on dropshipping. The exception (i.e. good advice), we’ve found so far, that gives savvy and honest advice about this area is Wholesale Ted (https://www.wholesaleted.com). Especially their YouTube videos and what to do and not do when it comes to dropshipping / POD. Worth checking out.

4. Avoid any dropshipping ‘lifestyle’ sites that guarantee success or claim to have ‘proven models’. There’s no such thing as guaranteed success in business. If you’ve been researching it, you’ve probably starting getting spammed on social media with ads from people claiming guaranteed ways to succeed. Avoid them.

Hope this helps and best of luck.