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Thanks Paul & James for your constructive feedback.

I actually moved to doing my own tax because of a bad relationship with an accountant back in years where income was tighter, and looking back have regretted that. So, sacking the accountant is actually more like finding one I can work with.

I am actually looking for a reliable accountant who can support me in the manner I wish to engage (no need to read too much into that, but what I really mean is that I recently found a conveyancer who was capable of handling all of our interactions except the signing via the phone and online when I was out of the country, and it was a level of service I’ve not experienced before or since), maybe for others that’s a normal expectation, but was new for me.

So, to be honest, I think I came here looking to advance my knowledge to arm me with the right tools for an accountant and lawyer discussion for something that as you have pointed out will cost a lot, and be with me for years, or a lifetime if setup correctly.

H&R Block was handily available, rather than where I go to for advice. Alas forums allow and encourage too much tea leaf reading and I shouldn’t have mentioned it.

James, I will double down on looking for an accountant who is honest and open, part of what was driving me here was not being able to find that yet. I probably need more friends who don’t do their own tax.

Paul, thanks for the comments RE Company vs Trust, that was the kind of discussion I was looking for, and it is helpful.