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eightknots, post: 268470, member: 116784 wrote:
just wanting to see what others have done & ideas.

Its come to my attention that around 60% of potential clients that call my phone don’t leave a message for me to respond to , that a lot of potential work lost .

when i have called them back and asked answers have ranged from don’t like leaving voicemail to just moved to the next business on my list .

Have others had the same thing and what have you done to capture more of the calls , i thought of an auto text message to ask if they wanted me to call back so all the need to reply is yes ?

Interesting! Although I haven’t done this yet, I think it might help.

This is probably a normal messagebank, “We are currently helping other customers like yourself. Please leave your name, number and a short message and we will get back to you ASAP”

And this is offering something in return of them leaving their details:

Thank you for calling us. You have now become eligible to receive 5% because we are unable to answer this call right now. All you have to do is leave your name, contact number and a short message and one of our friendly staff will call you ASAP. Thank you for helping us serve you better :)