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I think I’m in the [USER=28171]@Rowan@quaotic[/USER] camp on this one, certainly for a micro business.

Most small businesses don’t even have one and unless it’s done by a specialist it’s probably useless if tested in court. Which smells like big dollars to me.

Maybe I’m thick, but terms and conditions in a general business sense means payment terms and warranty of your service and or product. That’s pretty standard stuff and most of it is covered in consumer law I would have thought.

Online sales and service gets a bit trickier with what you do with customer data etc. But even here, if you’re breaching the law terms and conditions won’t save you.

The one I’ve seen that look like they’re bullet proof run to many pages of legalese. I think how they work is relying on the fact you’d need a QC’s opinion to challenge them…which covers 99.9% of consumers.

Personally if they look too thorough I tend to avoid the business, it looks like an arse covering exercise to avoid any possibility of providing real service if they don’t feel like it (why does my bank come to mind?).

My approach has been simplistic, but I usually just make my intent obvious in plain English…don’t like what I do then don’t pay and I’ll refund any money in hand, I don’t share you data without permission and will delete it on request…anything else is down to a combo of common law, insurance and the protection of the corporate entity I trade with.