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JamesMillar, post: 268533, member: 5318 wrote:
Something very odd that I’ve noticed here in the last year or so.

There seem to be lots of tax and accounting questions being posed – some simple and some quite detailed. The simple ones are obviously exactly that – simple (and therefore simple enough to provide feedback on. Even by some non accountant members). The more detailed questions have a range of issues which really cannot and should not be addressed on an internet forum.

Lots of members here (including myself) have politely suggested that forums are not the best place to seek detailed professional tax advice or strategy. Its normally been accompanied by the suggestion that the poster will likely also need to pay the adviser for the advice. The retort has almost always been one of the following;

1. My accountant is currently on holidays so I thought I would try the forum for an answer (this is my favorite)

2. I am arranging a meeting with my accountant next week and wanted to prepare for it.

3. My accountant provided some advice and it made no sense so I am clarifying on a forum.

So in almost all cases the poster already has what they seem to think it a professional accountant tax adviser – they just don’t happen to have received a solution from them so they head to the forum.

Is there something wrong with this equation? These small businesses seem to have an invisible accountant. Do these accountants actually exist at all?

Hi James,

It’s not just accountants, it’s invisible everything.

One of the reasons I rarely post or log in these days is what appears to be a large volume and wide variety of “Dorothy Dixer’s”, imo designed to generate comment and I suspect indirectly site “traffic”.

When you do engage, the original poster magically disappears.

I’m beginning to suspect FS has become a price loss leader and promotional add on, for it’s current owners. Just check the current Ad profile, plus some Adsense auto generated stuff…once upon a time large corporate’s were paying for space, not now.

I think the real question might be. How long before the add revenue can’t pay for costs and it get’s shut down?

A once useful resource is now a shell imo.

I see no movement to fix it, and without an active forum there’s not much else happening apart from recycled articles from other sources.

Happy to be wrong, but I won’t hold my breath….and I do miss having somewhere to drop in and get involved in a robust or informative discussion.