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bb1, post: 268541, member: 53375 wrote:
I’m sure that in a similar thread 12 months ago one of the admins said they were working on a new and improved forum, must be still working on it. They even asked for feedback at one stage.

Sadly since [USER=5]@Robert Gerrish[/USER] departed the scene, things have gone in one direction. Maybe it’s the lack of ownership interest, who knows, the new owner has never been seen, accept feature prominence in some of the articles, which now a days have all become self promotional.

PS. I like all 3 excuses above

Oh, i have been snoozing lately.. Who owns FS now? There has only been several interesting posts of late that i thought were sponsorships or in FS better interest.. Is it more that the owner is self promoting now?

A more confused than ever… maybe bringing things together as opposed to keeping FS moving forward?

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