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I’m sure that in a similar thread 12 months ago one of the admins said they were working on a new and improved forum, must be still working on it. They even asked for feedback at one stage.

Sadly since [USER=5]@Robert Gerrish[/USER] departed the scene, things have gone in one direction. Maybe it’s the lack of ownership interest, who knows, the new owner has never been seen, accept feature prominence in some of the articles, which now a days have all become self promotional.

PS. I like all 3 excuses above

I don’t know how many got it, but I remember doing a private (I think) survey asking about the state of the nation at FS…I had my $1.50’s worth answering it.
But nothing happened with it seems.

I did have a dummy spit in a thread a long while ago about some of the bugs in the site, accusing FS of setting up click bait in the way some of the headers and banners operated…I got a very good response from Peter, including a statement that a makeover was imminent. That was months ago, and now he’s departed too, so I reckon it’s done and dusted.

I’ve always thought the content generated by the forum was the engine that powered FS. I once even found on Google an answer to a very obscure technical issue I was trying to fix…the source with a correct answer was a FS post…that must have been common in other areas as well.

As Robert himself mentioned most forums have become problematic and are a dying breed.

Some very eminent and experienced members offered support for a change of direction to maintain the resource, but it seems the business case didn’t stack up given where it’s at now.

Longtime since I’ve had a rant and written an essay (well here anyway). If I don’t get wiped I’ll try to be more constructive in the future…