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Lucy Kippist, post: 268588, member: 98720 wrote:
Morning everyone,

Just jumping in here to clarify a few important things and fend off any conspiracy fears!

First up, the posters in these forums are all signed up members of the Flying Solo community. Where they go after they post their question- who can say! Hopefully taking what they learn and applying it growing their business… But I can assure you there are no ‘plants’ or any kind of conspiracy, just a growing community of people looking for (and hopefully also sharing) information.

Flying Solo was purchased by Pinstripe Media just over two years ago. Pinstripe is a media company with a passion for the finance, small business and start-up space. Kochie’s Business Builders and Start Up Daily are also part of the stable.

Finally – these forums are a vital part of Flying Solo business! As I’ve said previously I am always keen to hear ways that we can improve and continue to make it relevant and useful for all who use it.

I also second Paul B’s comment that all the advice shared here is incredibly valuable – thank you.

I welcome any feedback you’d like to share here or via my email – anytime: [email protected]

Ok, I’ll take your word for it.

But I would note, even since this thread hit the boards there’s been a couple of pretty advanced accounting questions have hit the boards from first time posters.

An often suggested strategy (including FS articles) is to work “on” your business not in it. And for me personally I haven’t seen much of that going on. When compared to the rest of of the Pinstripe media stable, FS is starting to look pretty unloved imo.

As a bit of a nerd, the unresolved technical issues like flashing headers, browser errors and JQuery plugins that create security warnings (some of them were flagged as dodgy in 2015) does not instill confidence. Most of the planet now uses a mobile as their primary device, I doubt they’ll visit the forum more than once using one.

Unlike Bert, I don’t have a problem with advice from admins, I think they do a tough job well…and without them it would’ve been a pretty hollow post count for a long while now.

I also think that suggesting FS is a growing community is a bit of a stretch, but hopefully you can prove me wrong. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

In the meantime I reckon I’ll retire gracefully and watch what transpires.