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The’re must be good money for the practice in having those screens in waiting rooms. I’m over a 1000k west of you and the regional medical centre we use has them too, bloody awful things, makes the day time TV seem riveting.

I hope the clinic didn’t give them your contact info so they could annoy you? I’m assuming not because I figured you’d already be suing them.

I think some businesses don’t have a clue how they’re promoted by the agencies they use.

There’s been no shortage of examples here of some half witted post with a link to what is often an otherwise legit business…a couple of times I’ve emailed the business involved with repeat offenders. The ads did stop but I was surprised anyone would be dumb enough to use a marketing company that thought bombing forums was a good idea.

I have to hand it to them, they’re inventive if nothing else. I thought I’d had every kind of scam hit my phone, but today I got one I hadn’t had before and I’m a tad pissed off.

I got a dodgy text message, nothing unusual in that, that bit is easy but they addressed me by name ” hey Greg I thought you would like this”…that’s the bit that’s pretty hard to get right imo.

I could easy spend another hour bagging crap marketing.