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Paul – FS Concierge
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AusGuy1000, post: 268641, member: 117057 wrote:
Thanks Paul, I got it resolved. I called them and they told me the necessary info. Now I’m looking for small construction projects to begin with. But I have no idea how to get first few projects. Thanks
There are a lot of easy ways to get first jobs in your field AusGuy.

The easiest route would be Gumtree and FB Marketplace. Then there are sites like serviceseeking.

At this stage, I would not pay money for leads or definitely no more than $20 per lead – think hard before buying into a package. There are a million people out there that will try to sell you but empty dreams is what you will mostly find..

But the key will be to find a niche so that you can become known for a certain thing that people are looking for and where they have the money to pay – ideally, at the upper end of your profitability eg, the $4999 deck with lighting and a fan.

For this, your OWN website and an advertising budget is what I recommend. Then a budget for Adwords and Facebook ads.

But first things first – get those early jobs, do them well and collect both pictures (before and after) and testemonials from your paying customers.

Good luck.