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Maybe I’ll kick it off with a bit of trade mark 101..

What is a trade mark?
Believe it or not a trade mark exists before you register it. By definition, it’s basically any sign that you use to distinguish your goods/services from the similar goods/services of other trade marks. A sign could be a name, logo, image, slogan and even colours, shapes, sounds and smells.

For most businesses their trade mark/s will be a business name and logo, or perhaps product brand names.

Given the definition above, this exists from the time you start using it as that distinctive ‘sign’ for your product or service. Registering your trade mark comes with benefits you won’t necessarily have otherwise. For example, the right to use that trade mark for your products/services (meaning, another party can’t suggest you are infringing their rights through using the trade mark you have registered); the right to take steps is someone pops up using the same or confusingly similar brand for similar goods/services and also the right to authorise other people to use it if you wish.

Have a good weekend everyone and I look forward to hearing any questions :)