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Hi Jacqui,

I have a question which “I think” is kind of related and I’ve wondered about for a while.

How strong is a domain name legally (if at all) as both a business identity/brand?

I know a domain name is inherently unique and can’t be used by anyone else (I know you can register similar or use a different TLD type).

The reason I ask is my business domain is owned by my pty ltd trading company…which has a very boring name (mine with pty ltd on the end).

So I tend to use my domain name 34south.io (there’s no website atm)…also very boring, but it’s connected to my location 34 degrees south of the equator etc etc, which I use as a byline/ex-plainer of sorts.

I did have 34 South registered with ASIC but let it lapse…old blokes a chiseler and I didn’t think it was earning it’s keep given the work I do is 99.99% by direct referral.

I’m about to launch a website with that domain (and business idea)….am I about to shoot myself in the foot if I don’t have a separate business name?

P.S . I always identify the company (ACN ABN) as the owner of the domain and the trading entity clients would be dealing with.