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three brains
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Agree, total visits, not a great metric. While digital marketing agencies generally have specific ‘technical’ skills, they’re not always so hot on the ‘business’ side. Like sales, costs and profits.

Not a lawyer, but assume business works on hourly charges, and so you might want to set a target for them based on additional hours generated. A logical story (made some assumptions about rates and costs, you could change all the underlined numbers with actuals)

Something like this :-

1. Legal hourly rate you charge = $300
2. 20% company ‘profit’ per hour charged = $60 per hour
3. To cover $18,000 spend, need to generate 300 hours of business (300 x 60)
4. ‘Average’ new client = 10 hours work, therefore need 30 new clients

The agency might well argue there are other factors not in their control that influence new client generation (fair) but they are also taking your money so should have some commitment to growing your business too.

Good luck