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TypingDog wants a digital marketing strategy, not just SEO, which he cleverly worked out mainly for himself.

What one gets when one looks for digital marketing help is all focussed on Acquisition… just one facet. LOTS of money spent on lead generation and NOTHING spent on engagement and retention.

His business would do best with the customer acquisition life-cycle strategy of:
acquire – engage/activation – retention – referral (brand ambassadors)

A simple article explaining it is at: https://www.searchenginepeople.com/blog/16095-customer-acquisition.html

I have written educational blogs every fortnight for 6 years, and that’s part of my acquire strategy, emails and social media answers are engagement, and I also ensure clients are treated like royalty and mention new offers or services, which is for retention and referral. If you have a receptionist or similar, they could become your client loyalty officer.

My mind always goes to return on investment and client lifetime value, and so should yours.