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TypingDog, post: 268623, member: 117082 wrote:

I’m new to this forum, so if this is in the wrong place just shoot me a DM and I’ll delete the post.

I run a small legal practice, and have been looking to expand the business. I manage marketing myself, I’ve done basic SEO (rank 3 on GMB, rank top 3 for top keywords on search) and tried GA, FB and LinkedIn Ads in the past (paid a consultant to do it).

I’m now hunting for a digital marketing agency to streamline my marketing, and substantially increase leads generated. I’ve been quoted $18000/year to double my traffic (currently at ~50/monthly unique visitors). Is this a reasonable price?

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Hi TypingDog

I have come into this conversation a bit late but here goes!

I work in digital marketing and don’t like seeing people get a bad deal. I have offered some advice below but SEO/digital marketing needs a good deal of time to research the current situation on any website, industry, target marketing and business objectives to be able to make an accurate decision.

There are many questions that need to be answered about the strategy the SEO company is going to implement. The going rate for Melbourne SEO agency is between $1000 and $1500 per month.

There are many questions to know but the main ones are:

1. How up to date is the website? (do you have a blog?)

2. What locations are you in?

3. What are your competitors doing to rank on page one?

4. How much additional content are you prepared to provide? (This is usually supplied by client)

The SEO company should outline what they are providing for the term of the contract. Any legal, financial industries are difficult, due to the high level of competitors (many with big budgets).

If you’re outside the CBD you generally have a better chance although many corporates are ranking online Australia wide.

You should do SEO or Google Ads first and (Facebook/Linked later if at all) once your SEO and Google Ads are providing ROI. You may also want to consider a strategy where you create conversions that are of high value to your prospective clients and then remarket only the people that have taken an action on your website. The reason is, you will have people looking for information first, who make a phone call/make an enquiry once they have thought about it. Many people research first and then make a decision to call.

Having eBooks of relevant information that (solves a problem) leads them to respond to a call to action is one strategy. This way you can retarget these potential clients as they are further down the purchasing funnel. The people who download a piece of information are more likely to be your customers.

You also need many micro conversion strategies on your website for the people who do want some answers to difficult questions right away. A FAQ page is also necessary for the information style of SEO your website should be and it is another SEO strategy for solving a problem your clients have.

I see many websites that don’t even display a phone number, or you have to navigate around just to look for the phone number only to find its not clickable.

Have a pop up (I know people hate popups) that only appears in a small unobtrusive way when a person is going to leave the site. You can ask if someone can give them a call or ask them to send a quick message and you will call them back. Set up a chat widget so people can leave micro message.

Boosting your on-page conversions will also increase your overall conversion rates, giving you a better ROI.

All the above are only a few examples that need to be considered in combination to the SEO/Paid advertising strategy, so you maximise the conversions and ROI.