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Jason at KAA
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Hi rzya82,

It was the right decistion to re-structure your business into a company structure as opposed to a sole trader. Some of the reasons as to why is that a company structure offers better asset protection and better tax rates for you.

In responding to your issue, transferring the asset to the company will incur stamp duty so this is not recommended. It is not necessarily the case that if the company was repaying your loan that it would be classified as a wage to you. It can be structured as a “loan” which will have minimal tax consequences.

You should seek assistance to your accountant/ tax advisor which should be able to assist you to advise and implement the most beneficial/cost effective method for you.

If you like, we can conduct a full scope of work and offer a value-add proposal for you and business. Let us know what your thoughts on this.

Feel free to reach out to me if there’s anything I can further assist you with.