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SeeMySite, post: 268717, member: 117167 wrote:
Hi everyone…just introducing myself. I’m based on the Sunshine Coast and have been involved in the software industry for 20 plus years. Primarily in Workforce Management and Time and Attendance software, and have been lucky enough to follow this passion in NZ, Aus, the UK and the EU. I’m here for business opportunities of course, but also really interested to see what others are doing, share and learn, and support others who are staring out in business (As it’s a tough old road some days..the hardest part can be getting that first foot out of bed!)

I never knew that there was such a well established forum, and am looking forward to becoming an active member. My thought for the day “In a world where you can be anything….be kind.” Cheers Barry

Hello, welcome.

Just a quick heads up, your signature link is busted….there’s a typo in the link URL.