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Hi Jason,

thanks for your reply. Yes, I am of the impression that duties etc paid is the way to go but I am curious how others do it.

As for your other questions, I would have a distribution agreement with them that would allow me to sell online worldwide (but mainly it will be Aus buyers due to cost of shipping outside of Aus, would far outweigh the cost of the item) and they would have exclusive distributor rights within US and Canada. I was not planning on registering as an entity within the US. Is this something I would need to do?


Although you are asking how others do the supplying and charging, it will still come down to your distribution agreement with the distributor in the US… Are they going to be deemed the importer? If so, you just treat yourself as the factory (for conversations sake) and they are the US importer..

You quote a price, they arrange the importation and all duties and fees associated.. IMO though, this isnt really the best way and again will come down to the minutia of your agreement with the said distributor (do you have one in place already or are you approaching people, thus the questions?)..

Will circle back to my original reply.. If you are wanting them to be the importer, let them do that and follow a supply chain as if you are manufacturer (which technically sounds like you are even though you are not making the goods yourself as its your product per sae) or if you are wanting them to be a locally supplied item from within CONUS – you would need to ship them into the country including goods and charge localised freight – it will also come down to what the price point can burden.

Overall, if its an exclusive distributorship – i see no reason why they would not be comfortable in ordering from an OS supplier and incurring fees associated with that IF ITS in the contract and that they COGS can burden said costs…

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