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I have become somewhat of a curmudgeonly git when it comes to all this, and can speak only from a users perspective rather than that of anyone with any sort of knowledge.

I am still trying to figure out what “tech savvy” even means:-

– I can code/build a website/app?
– I can walk in to people in the street while looking at my phone, then glare at them as if they are at fault?
– I can shuffle through several apps one handed?

My main bugbear though is that we are losing skills such as communication, rational thought, the ability to do our own research etc.

I have also never really understood why a small/micro business would necessarily pay thousands for website developers, and all the ongoing stuff that goes with that, then struggle to make it pay, when there are other means that can get you directly in front of people.. As per Paul – ROI should be king.

Of course I am generalising, and I know there are good operators out there who provide good options, but there is certainly a lot to wade through the get to them.

Give me an app any day. Even the best websites are clunky. I say this as someone who is slowly transitioning to more and more mobile phone use for the stuff I use/need regularly, while sitting at a desktop for anything that needs any real thought.

But the question I have is this:

If i have a small business, what services do my customers actually need? (as opposed to what I am going to give them)

Convenience! Convenience! Convenience!