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I think ‘tech savvy’ is relative to who you’re talking to, or the environment you’re in.

In my street I’m tech savvy because I can turn a computer on without thinking about it, and I can explain the difference between the NBN and an old Telstra landline.

For the micro businesses I still work for, it’s because I understand enough to get stuff done for them they want, and either can’t do themselves, or have better things to do (it’s usually both).

In a room full of asynchronous javascript programmers I’m a dill.

As long as you know enough not to get sucked in, or ripped off by tech speak in your personal/business requirements. You’re probably close enough imo.

Do you reckon your preference for apps is because they handle a very specific task in a simple fashion and just cut to the chase, as opposed to the web where you have to jump through a few more hoops to find/do what you want?

I’m also assuming it’s the mobile experience on the web you find clunky…just wondered because I assume in your work you use it a lot on a larger device. Or is it both?