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Greg_M, post: 268819, member: 38207 wrote:
You’ve hit a bit of a sore point with me there, many web designers think they have it covered by using a responsive design grid, or framework (and often a very bloated theme builder). There’s still a common tendency to design at the ‘desktop view’, probably on a high resolution monitor and rely on the theme or framework of choice to pack it down for the mobile view…it’s usually not a great user experience on mobile.

What also gets missed is the performance requirements needed to be of any use to a mobile user, primarily fast load speeds.

Don’t rely on my opinion it’s also Googles;


It’s worth a look. The stuff it measures just shows how poor most sites are. And why they don’t convert sales off mobile devices…which seems a little dumb to me considering mobile now dominates the search market.

I don’t think the day is too far away that if you don’t hit some of those benchmarks you’ll get indexed, but nowhere useful in organic search. Google knows the user is mobile and will deliver the ‘fastest’ option that meets the search query imo.

Some of that performance gap could explain in part why the we

Yes its a great tool – I use it quite a lot before we take on any projects, to see any potential website roadblocks or issues. best to know beforehand…

Google is already using mobile first indexing https://developers.google.com/search/mobile-sites/mobile-first-indexing