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redialpause, post: 268802, member: 101110 wrote:
You’re definitely right about people giving up on these kinds of things. Most apps get uninstalled within a few weeks – and most people only use a handful of apps on a regular basis. As a result, there are millions of apps that go nowhere. I’m well aware ;-) Dealing with this phenomenon is part of the experiment.

Is it really a phenomenon or is it just a fact that us consumers download the app best on promises made, the hype is always better then the facts. We try them out, find they are half baked or don’t meet our needs, so delete. Thats not really a phenomenon thats just a bad app.

What I have found and in particular when apps get mentioned on here, the developer had a late night brain fade, and thought of a great app, developed it the way they wanted it, then went and tried to put it out and found the user (thats us), didnt want it. People have forgotten what user requirements are, a big failing of the app world, and it is more a phenomenon about the developers skills (everyone is a developer) rather then the users.

Not saying that is the case with your app, I’m sure you did good market research.