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James Millar
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splint, post: 269267, member: 117464 wrote:
I’ve not had any personal experience with this but I spoke to someone a while back who has and what has been outline in this thread is consistent with what he told me. He concluded that the hoops you have to jump through make it nonviable for smaller businesses. He was a bit vague on where it became viable but he did say it puts a lot of stress over and above the normal workload and even when you invest all the time into gearing up to meet the requirements and applying there is still no guarantee you will get a grant.

That’s why you hire professionals to handle things for you. Chances are your friend that has a business is not an expert in R&D incentives which is why it’s completely unviable for him learn and complete himself. It may well still be beneficial for him to claim after all costs. It’s self assessment and it’s not a grant. So it is actually guaranteed if you lodge and application and self assess that you are eligible.

Your friend just doesn’t understand. Not a reflection on the system.

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