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Vanessa from Legal123 is a member here – https://www.flyingsolo.com.au/profile/legal123-pty-ltd – and often writes for Flying Solo. I would say if she has a $350 package that’s an amazing price and you’d struggle to find something cheaper – however, I do agree with Bert that templates can be hazardous and whilst it may cost more, it would be worth paying for tailored advice/contracts/policies for you and your needs.

You mention having the qualifications – have you registered with your industry body? I understand it might not be compulsory, but, there could be reasons to still do so? https://www.aipt.edu.au/ directs to a few places, including be https://fitness.org.au/registration? They seem to have information about insurance and the like at their website that may help.

You may require different insurances for different countries depending on how you are structured and how you sell your products online. I’d have a chat to an insurance broker.

Other things to consider is making sure you have an ABN in Australia either as a sole trader (and registering your business name if you won’t trade by your own name), or set up a company that has an ABN (accountant can help figure out the right structure for you), you may need to do these things, if not already done, before obtaining insurance to make sure the insurance links up to your business and is a business cost you can account for – again the accountant and/or insurance broker will be able to help sort this ‘order’ out for you (and make sure that name does not infringe trade mark rights in Australia or other countries you intend to promote!)

All the best with it :)